Delicious Dahl and Root Veg Soup

root veg & dhal soup

root veg & dhal soup

I’m adding this delicious, simple, vegan, vegi soup recipe as a special request from Rikke who was a student at the yoga retreat some weeks ago.  She enjoyed it so much that she wanted the recipe immediately and said that it didn’t matter that I had not yet published a dahl recipe and that any old dhal will do!  So there you go.  However I shall endeavour to post a dhal recipe soonish.
So this one is for you Rikke :-)

Shopping List
Sweet Potatoes 
Left Over Dahl
Coconut Milk
Coconut Cream (optional)

Chop up your veg – I used more or less equal amounts of each.  Place in a large saucepan  with water, just enough to cover the veg if you like your soup thick like I do.  Simmer until the veg is soft and then add your left over dhal & coconut milk and blend until smooth.  Add a little more salt if needed and if you like your soup sweet and coconutty then add some extra coconut cream.

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