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4th – 7th December 2014
Focusing on applying the Seven Universal Actions of Yoga Posture Praxis by way of the Dynamics of Integrity to a range of more advanced postures. These include backbends and arm balances for strengthening and integrating the body, and seated balances and extensions for refining neuromuscular integrity and deepening internalisation. This immersion is open to anyone, teachers as well as pratititioners, interested in developing deep biomechnical integrity for application in more challenging postures



6th July – 30th September
WINDFIRE YOGA RETREAT with Godfri Devereux
Sarah will be cooking many of the meals at the Windfire Yoga Retreat this summer

The Windfire yoga retreat is unique in integrating yoga practice into daily life as its unshakeable foundation by clarifying the true nature of sensation and action.  It is not a hotel, holiday camp, nor ashram, but a residential yoga training centre dedicated to the authentic transmission of yoga posture praxis based directly on the intelligence of body, mind and spirit, and grounded in the Yogasutras of Patanjali .

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4th-6th April 2014

Friday 4th April
The human body, as an extension of nature is an expression of the feminine principle. Yoga posture praxis cannot work if it is approached, even if only unconsciously, as a patriarchal, ascetic practice of transcendence. This talk will explore the tantric roots of yoga posture praxis and the deep fertility of the pleasures, obvious and subtle that it can provide.

Saturday 5th April
10.00-13.00 & 14.30-17.30
This workshop will present the Dynamic of Integrity which makes the bandhas possible by cultivating neuromuscular pathways in the whole body, from fingers and toes to the core. Only then, when the bandhas integrate the whole body into a dynamic singularity can yoga posture praxis provide all its structural, energetic and spiritual benefits.

Sunday 6th April
10.00-13.00 & 14.30-17.30
The subtlety of Ujjayi breathing rests on the nonduality of doing and non doing. This workshop, which includes both yoga posture praxis and seated pranayama, will present and explore both the active and the passive aspects of Ujjayi breathing that make it such a powerful and indispensable practice.



13th-16th March 2014

focusing on using the Seven Universal Actions of Yoga Posture Praxis to release the spine and its supporting musculature from habituated tension so that the body as whole becomes more stable and integrated. You will learn how to apply the Dynamics of Integrity to open and release the body while internalising and clarifying the mind. This immersion has a strong emphasis on forward bends, and is open to anyone, teachers as well as practitioners, interested in the biomechanical and energetic integrity of the bodimind.It is especially fruitful for newcomers to yoga posture praxis, and anyone who considers themselves to be an advanced practitioner.



January 4th-12th 2014
Sarah will be supporting a master macrobiotic chef for this retreat…..

Meditation is only too often, and frustratingly, taught as a technique based on disciplining the mind. This intensive offers you the rare opportunity of grounding your meditation practice in the intelligence of your body. What you can feel in and as your body becomes the focus of your sitting, rather than what you can do with your mind. By feeling deeply and directly the sensations continuously generated by the intelligence of your body, the intelligence of your mind is naturally focussed, quietened and clarified. As mind lets go of its ability to direct and imagine, it quietens through its ability to recognise into the subtle presence of consciousness functioning as your deeper ability to feel. The clear, simple and subtle guidance provided by Godfri Devereux will be supported by one long morning yoga class (taught by Olivia Crooks), and a cleansing vegan diet cooked by a master macrobiotic cook. This approach is especially fruitful for yoga posture practitioners who are already accustomed to internalising awareness into the presence of the body.
There will be 8 hours of seated and walking meditation each day.

12th-15th December 2013
focuses on integrating the Seven Universal Actions of Yoga Posture Praxis as the muscular basis of the bandhas in the whole body. You will learn how to refine your actions on the basis of their impacts so as to be able to enjoy the spontaneous internalisation of awareness that flows from effortless effort. This immersion is open to anyone, teachers as well as practitioners, interested in the biomechanical and energetic integrity of the bodimind. It is especially fruitful for newcomers to yoga posture praxis, and anyone who considers themselves to be an advanced practitioner.



14th – 17th November 2013
focusses on cultivating the Dynamics of Integrity in the whole body so as to access somatic intelligence consciously. You will learn how to activate the body with integrity in a broad range of dynamic and static supine, prone, seated, standing and inverted postures. This immersion is open to anyone, teachers as well as pratititioners, wishing to establish a stable basis of integrity for their praxis or teaching. Especially fruitful for beginners, and those who think that they are advanced practitioners.

Based entirely on action and experience, the Dynamic Yoga Immersions constitute a comprehensive grounding in yoga posture praxis that can serve as a powerful basis for both satisfying self-praxis and effective teaching. Led by Senior Dynamic Yoga Trainer Olivia Crooks and supported by Senior Dynamic Yoga Teacher Sarah Wilde, each of the four modules is complete in itself, and supported by comprehensive notes on yoga posture praxis.   Each module can be attended individually, in any order, or as a course.

The Immersion Modules are open to those just simply wishing to deepen their understanding and experience of the Dynamic Yoga Method and to those wishing to teach this form of yoga. Completion of all five Immersion Modules will entitle you to continue to the Dynamic Yoga Teaching Skills residential course in France in September 2014.
module one – NOURISHING 14th-17th November 2013
module two – INTEGRATING 12th – 15th November 2013
module three – RELEASING 13th-16th March 2014
module four – OPENING 22nd-25th May 2014
module five – DEEPENING 4th-7th December 2014
These 4 day modules are also held in other European cities – dates and locations can be found here



31st October – 3rd November 2013
with Olivia Crooks and Sarah Wilde

In a warm, relaxing, welcoming environment, you will be nourished with yoga, mediation, enquiry, dance and nurturing food all in the company of women.

Olivia’s ‘Being Woman’ retreat will provide you with a rare opportunity to explore, express and integrate the dynamics of your unique expression of femininity. You will be invited to feel, recognise, experience and accept as much of the fullness of who and what you are as a woman, whatever that may be. Completely free from dogma and assumption this long weekend retreat will surely nourish, release and delight you, while simultaneously providing you with a deep taste of feminine solidarity.

The basis of this retreat is yoga posture praxis oriented towards accessing and supporting your feminine qualities: sensitivity, empathy, intuition etc. You will be invited to enquire into the possibility of becoming more intimate with the depths and subtleties of your being, and to recognise and feel your natural perfection just as you are.

Set in the beautiful countryside of the South Downs, 5 miles from Eastbourne and 15 miles from Brighton, just one and a half hours drive from London. Gales Retreat is renowned for its beautiful setting, safe & relaxed environment and comfortable & friendly living.

Your food will be lovingly prepared and cooked by Sarah, who is the resident head chef at Windfire Yoga Retreat in France.  Meals will be healthy, delicious and based loosely around the Macrobiotic way of eating.  You will be more than welcome to ask any questions or even to help in the preparation if you are interested in this way of eating.

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