My Yoga Teachers
Godfrey’s contribution to the science and art of yoga is unique and ongoing, having given us the power and delights of ullola, xandranamaskar, the dynamics of integrity, the seven universal actions, sarvangabandha, suxmarexaka, suxmapuraka, rexakasvarupa, purakadirgha, the five realisations of relationship and much, much more to support your praxis and your life….
Olivia Crooks is one of only two Dynamic Yoga Senior Trainers whose ongoing contribution to the development of The Dynamic Yoga Training Method is invaluable.

Dynamic Yoga Senior Teachers
Senior Dynamic Yoga Teachers have demonstrated a total commitment to teaching the Dynamic Yoga Training Method over many years. They are empowered to run workshops and courses presenting the Dynamic Yoga Training Method.
Sarah Wilde, UK –
Jo Kemp, Spain –
Birgitte Gorm Hansen, Denmark –
John ‘Mac’ Mcevoy, Northumberland –
Natalia Lumbreras, Madrid –┬á

Macrobiotic Teacher

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