simple, yummy veggie medley


This tasty, healthy veggie meal went down a storm at Windfire Yoga Retreat this summer, and best of all it’s a really easy vegetarian dish to cook.  I made a huge bowl and every little bit of it disappeared.  Served it with roast swede & onion, a raw turnip salad, plain chunky chopped cucumber, rice and a bean dish – I think I also made a light miso soup to start.  (recipes to follow)

Shopping List
steamed green beans & spinach

stir fried leeks & stripped courgette (I used yellow courgette here for extra colour, to get the lovely thin strips use a vegetable peeler)
hijiki seawead – simmered in a little water for 20 mins and drained (quite strong flavour so go easy – smells rather dreadful when cooking but ignore, it tastes great in the medley)
raw stripped carrots – stripped using veggie peeler again
shoyu (soy sauce) – simmer in a hot wok to reduce to a more sticky consistency then briefly stir fry the green beans to give a delicious coating
roasted pumpkin seeds

So simple – chuck all the prepared veg and seaweed into a big bowl, mix up and top with some roasted pumpkin seeds.

Shoyu is quite salty already so you may not need to add salt, but if you do make sure that it is a good quality sea salt, or other natural variety.  You could also add a little toasted sesame oil for extra yumminess.  Try the dish first before you add the oil or the salt, perhaps you will prefer without.



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