Sarah Wilde has been practising yoga for over 15 years and teaching for 10, she is an authorised Senior Dynamic Yoga Teacher with over 2,000 hours of certified training. She is the senior teacher of DynamicYoga Teacher UK and runs a very busy schedule teaching courses, classes and 121 sessions in Wanstead, Woodford Green & Chigwell, and workshops in the UK and internationally. She also supports Olivia Crooks on the UK Dynamic Yoga Teacher Training Immersions.

Through direct experience, Sarah feels that yoga can bring us to a greater sense of who and what we are, becoming more comfortable with what we discover along the way. As a teacher she is able to open those doors for others, giving her students the opportunity to uncover the inherent wisdom inside their own bodies, while bringing them closer to feeling deeply intimate with who and what they are.

Her teaching is thorough, clear and to the point, at the same time being supportive, gentle and insightful.

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